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Erich von Götha (aka „Erich von Gotha de la Rosière“) born in 1924 in London, UK, is the pseudonym of the British illustrator and comic book artist Robin Ray.[citation needed] Robin Ray has also worked under the pseudonyms Janssens, Baldur Grimm, and Robbins. Robin Ray has gained fame with his erotic and, above all, sadomasochist content.[1] In the early 2000s, he had a solo exhibition in the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Bologna titled Sweat Tears & Reflections.

Götha studied drawing and painting for four years at an art school and was first published in the 1980s with the English comic magazine Torrid. The Strips that appeared in the first 14 issues of Torrid were published later in the French magazines YES and Bédé Adult. He became famous as an artist with the works Contes à Rebours (for YES) and Crimes et Délits (the last work succeeding Georges Lévis). He also worked for various publishing companies for which he made book illustrations.

His most famous work is The Troubles of Janice, set in the time of the Marquis de Sade. It has appeared in four albums; the first album appeared in 1980.


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