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Erickson Living, formerly known as Erickson Retirement Communities is an American operator and developer of retirement communities. The company has been headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, since 1983.[1] The company primarily develops and operates campus-style retirement communities for adults age 62 or older. Erickson Living currently employs nearly 12,000 individuals who serve more than 20,000 residents across the nation.[2]

Company history[edit]

Founder John C. Erickson[3] built the first Erickson community on the grounds of the abandoned St. Charles seminary in Catonsville, Maryland. By 2000, Erickson had converted the turn-of-the-century abandoned seminary at Charlestown into a retirement community with 2,500 residents.[1] Today, the Erickson Living network has grown to 19 campuses in eleven states.[4]

Continuing care services[edit]

In addition to independent living apartments, Erickson Living communities offer on-site continuing care services provided by staff nurses and full-time physicians. These services are also open to non-residents and Medicare and most other insurances are accepted.


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