Erie-Meadville, PA Combined Statistical Area

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The Erie-Meadville, PA Combined Statistical Area (CSA) is made up of two counties in northwestern Pennsylvania. The United States Office of Management and Budget[1] has recognized the Erie and Meadville areas along with the counties of Erie and Crawford to make a Combined Statistical Area, located in northwestern Pennsylvania. As of the 2010 United States Census[2] the CSA had a population total of 369,331. The Combined Statistical Area ranked 7th in the state of Pennsylvania and 102nd in the United States.

Components of the Combined Statistical Area[edit]

Map of the Erie-Meadville, PA Combined Statistical Area (CSA), composed of the following parts:

Erie, PA Metropolitan Statistical Area[edit]

Cities/Major Boroughs[edit]

Meadville, PA Micropolitan Statistical Area[edit]

Cities/Major Boroughs[edit]

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