Erik Evju

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Erik Evju
Also known asWeh
InstrumentsAcoustic Guitar, 12-string Guitar, Tambourine
Years active2002–present
LabelsSoulseller Records
Associated actsWindir

Erik Evju is a Norwegian musician, playing dark neo-folk music under the name Weh. He recorded several demos between 2002 and 2006, all of which were compiled and eventually released on CD in 2011 via Soulseller Records as the double album Origins. In 2005, following the death of Windir vocalist Terje "Valfar" Bakken, Evju was asked by Hvall (Windir/Vreid) if he would contribute a song to a planned tribute album for Valfar. Under the Weh name Evju recorded the song Likbør from Windir's first album Sóknardalr with Morten Hennum Nicolaysen producing.[1]

Most of these songs were in English, but some were in Evju's native Norwegian. Evju released his first full-length album En Natt Kom Doed in 2012, which featured more Norwegian-language songs than English ones.[2]

Evju's most recent album, Ingenmannsland, was released in December 2015.[3]



  • The Death EP (demo, 2002)
  • All The Sinners Are Sleeping Now (demo, 2003)
  • The Coffee's Cold In The Morning, The Beer's Warm At Night (demo, 2004)
  • Hoof & Horn (demo, 2005)
  • North (demo, 2006)
  • Origins (demos compilation, 2011)
  • En Natt Kom Doed (2012)
  • Folkloren (2013)
  • Ingenmannsland (2015)

Other Contributions[edit]

  • Likbør on Valfar, Ein Windir (Windir tribute album, 2005)[4]
  • Empty on Kraft (Vreid, 2004)


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