Erik Johannessen (musician)

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Erik Johannessen
Erik Johannessen trombone.JPG
Erik Johannessen
Background information
Born (1975-07-22) 22 July 1975 (age 44)
Oslo, Norway
Occupation(s)Musician, composer
WebsiteErik Johannessen on Myspace

Erik Johannessen (born 22 July 1975 in Oslo) is a Norwegian trombonist) and composer, who has played in bands like Jaga Jazzist, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Loud Jazz Band, Lord Kelvin, Funky Hot Grits, Ensemble Denada and Magic Pocket.[1]


Erik Johannessen at Vossajazz 2014

Johannessen grew up at Lambertseter and was educated in jazz at Trondheim Musikkonservatorium and the University of Oslo. He mainly plays jazz and pop music and works with music in many context. He has toured extensively in Europe and the rest of the world with Jaga Jazzist and Ensemble Denada, in Poland with Loud Jazz Band, and in Norway with other bands.

He has played with Joshua Redman and Trondheim Jazzorkester, Eirik Hegdal, Terje Rypdal, Jon Balke, Erlend Skomsvoll, Maria Kannegaard, and his own band, Magic Pocket. He has also released albums with Lord Kelvin and Magic Pocket. He received the Sparebank1 Midtnorges JazZtipendiat 2009/10 with Magic Pocket and was awarded the Spellemannprisen 2010 in open class for the album One-Armed Bandit with Jaga Jazzist.

He has conducted, arranged, and composed for bands such as Kjellerbandet, Midtnorsk Ungdomstorband, Follo Big Band, Orkdal Storband, Kristiansund Storband, Vollen Big Band, Travelin' Storband and Sintefstorbandet. He has worked with Dum Dum Boys, Maria Mena, Martin Hagfors, and Jens Carelius.

Johannessen's first solo album Inkblots (2012) is free improvisation accompanied by bassist Jon Rune Power from the Frode Gjerstad Trio and Magic Pocket drummer Erik Nylander.[2]



As leader[edit]

Inkblots (2012)

As sideman[edit]

With Jonas Alaska

  • Jonas Alaska (2011)

With Svigermors Drøm

  • Fri (1993)
  • I Fyr og Flammer (1994)

With Dum Dum Boys

  • Gravitasjon (2006)

With Martin Hagfors

  • Men and Flies (2009)
  • I LIke You (2011)

With Thom Hell

  • God If I Saw Her Now (2008)
  • All Good Things (2010)

With Jaga Jazzist

  • One-Armed Bandit (2010)

With Lord Kelvin

  • Dances in the Smoke (2008)
  • Radio Has No Future (2011)

With the Loud Jazz Band

  • Don't Stop the Train (2004)
  • The Way To Salina (2005)
  • Passing (2007)
  • Living Windows (2008)
  • The Silence (2010)

With Magic Pocket & Morten Qvenild

  • Katabatic Wind (2011)

With Raga Rockers

  • Shit Happens (2010)

With Susanne Sundfør

  • The Brothel (2010)

With Trondheim Jazz Orchestra

With others

  • Devil's Ride (2002), with "Tremolo Wankers"
  • Turn on the Lights (2003), with "Jumpin'Jerry"
  • Lorenzo is Dead (2003), with "Lorenzo"
  • Drops of Hope (2003), with "Seljemark"
  • q.s. (2004), with "Acoustic Accident"
  • Mingus Schmingus (2004), with "Kjellerbandet"
  • Troll (2005), with "Lumsk"
  • A Few Words (2006), with "Hasselgård"
  • Sildsalat (2006), with "Sintefstorbandet"
  • The Cheaters (2007), with The Cheaters
  • Chronicles (2007), with John Heitman & Marc Gregory
  • The Path of Love (2008), with Terje Nordgarden
  • Cause And Effect (2008), with Maria Mena
  • The Plum Album (2008), with Håkon Ellingsen
  • Finding Nymo (2009), with Helge Sunde & Ensemble Denada
  • Night Blooms (2009), with "The Opium Cartel"
  • It's Cold Tonight (2009), with Dan Kristofferson
  • Real Life Is No Cool (2010), with Lindstrøm & Christabelle
  • Det Nærmeste Du Kommer (2011), with John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen
  • Migrant (2011), with "The Captain & Me"
  • The Architect (2011), with Jens Carelius
  • When Nobody's Around (2011), with Synne Sanden


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