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Erik La Prade is an American freelance journalist, poet, photographer, and non-fiction writer. La Prade has had 14 publications. He is based in New York City.


Erik La Prade was born in New York City.[1] He received his in English in 1978 and M.A. degree in Comparative Literature in 1990 from City College of New York.[1]

His poems have appeared in Hot Summer Nights: A Collection of Erotic Poetry and Prose (Inner Child Press, 2012),[2] Wildflowers, a Woodstock mountain poetry anthology (Woodstock, NY: Shivistan Publishing),[3] Artist and Influence, Fish Drum, Live Mag!, The Hat, The Reading Room,[4] The Sienese Shredder[5] and The New York Times.[6] He has also served as Poetry Editor for The Reading Room.[7]

La Prade's poem, "Baudelaire, Ashbery, Updike," earned Things Maps Don't Show (Del Mar, CA: Aegis Press, 1995, pp. 43–44) a place in the Ashbery Research Center (ARC) archive of Bard College.[8] ARC's copy of the book is shelved with a copy of correspondence from La Prade.[8]

A collection of La Prade's interviews, Breaking Through: Richard Bellamy and The Green Gallery, 1960–1965, was published in 2010 by MidMarch Arts Press. The book traces the history of Bellamy's celebrated art gallery through interviews with twenty-three of its exhibited artists including Claes Oldenburg, James Rosenquist, and Frank Stella. A frequently cited source of information on the gallery, the book is archived at both the library of the Museum of Modern Art[9] and at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas J. Watson Library.[10] La Prade has also published articles and interviews in Art Critical,[11] Art in America,[12] The Brooklyn Rail,[13] NY Arts Magazine,[14][15] Rain Taxi: A Review of Books,[16] Night Magazine,[17][18][19] Captured: A Film/Video History of The Lower East Side (Seven Story Press, 2005),[20] and The Outlaw Bible of American Essays (Thunder's Mouth Press, 2006).[21]. He currently writes for Noah Becker's Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art.[22]

La Prade not only frequently writes about art and artists, he occasionally makes art. His photo, "A High Line Experience," appears in Lid Magazine #8[23] archived at the School of Visual Arts Library Picture & Periodicals Collections.[24] Front Window Gallery has featured a collection of La Prade's black-and-white photographs, including candid portraits of Chuck Close, John Baldessari, among others.[25] A page from a pocket notebook, where artist David Hammons had inscribed a disconnected phone number, appeared encased in a shadow box with the title, This Is Not David Hammons's Phone #, c. 2013, at an Off Paradise group show, Nothing of the Month Club, at 120 Walker Street, New York, from January 27 through April 27, 2021.[26]

La Prade is one of the subjects in a series of portrait photographs by Lucas Samaras, which includes Cindy Sherman and Lisa Yuskavage, among others, titled Poses / Born Actors, housed in the collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.[27]


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