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Erik Møse (born 9 October 1950) is a Norwegian judge.

He was the President of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) from 2003 to 2007,[1] was the Presiding Judge in Trial Chamber I of the ICTR.[2]

He graduated from the University of Oslo and had post-graduate studies in Geneva. Beginning in 1981, he taught at the University of Oslo. He then became a Fellow at the University of Essex in England[1] and subsequently an Honorary Doctor.[citation needed] He has published extensively in the field of human rights. Among others, he led the committee that published the Norwegian Official Report 1993:18 on human rights.[3]

Prior to joining ICTR, he was head of department in the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Police until 1986; deputy judge, Supreme Court advocate at the Solicitor General's Office from 1986 to 1993; presiding judge at Borgarting Court of Appeal in Oslo from 1993 to 1999.[1]

Møse became Vice President of the ICTR in 1999,[1] then President in 2003,[4] succeeding Navanethem Pillay. Møse was succeeded in 2007 by Dennis Byron.[5] In 2008 he was named as a Supreme Court Justice of Norway. In 2011 he was elected judge at the European Court of Human Rights.[3][6]

Møse is married and has two children, who both attended International School Moshi Arusha Campus and International School Moshi.


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