Erik Magnus Staël von Holstein

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Baron Erik Magnus Staël von Holstein.

Baron Erik Magnus Staël von Holstein, (25 October 1749 in Loddby, Sweden – 9 May 1802 in Poligny, Jura). Erik Magnus was Chamberlain to Her Majesty Queen Sophia Magdalena. In 1783 he was appointed chargé d'affaires to the Court of France, and in 1785 he was named Ambassador to France. On 21 January 1786 he married the daughter of the French Minister of Finance Jacques Necker, mademoiselle Anne Louise Germaine Necker, who was to achieve fame as "Madame de Staël".


  • Gustava Sofia Magdalena, born 1787, died in infancy
  • Gustava Hedvig, born 1789, died in infancy
  • Ludvig August, born on 1 September 1790. Died in France in 1827, therefore ending his line of the family. Married 1827 to Adèle Vernet. He was said to have been the biological son of the comte de Narbonne (1755-1813), himself the illegitimate son of King Louis XV.
  • Mattias Albrekt, born on 2 October 1792. Ensign in the Cavalry. Killed in a duel on the 12 July 1813 at Buchtenberg in Mecklenburg.
  • Hedvig Gustava Albertina, born 8 June 1797, died in Paris on 28 September 1838. Married on 20 February 1816 in Pisa to the French Foreign Minister Victor de Broglie. Her biological father may have been Benjamin Constant.