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Erik Mariñelarena
Born Erik Mariñelarena Herrera
(1977-01-10) January 10, 1977 (age 40)
Mexico City
Occupation Film director, screenwriter and producer
Years active 1995–present

Erik Mariñelarena Herrera (born January 10, 1977) is a Mexican film director, screenwriter and producer. He is the founder of E Corp Studio, a production company he established in 2001.[1][2]

Personal life[edit]

Mariñelarena was born in Mexico City. His mother was a kindergarten teacher and his father worked as a managing director at electronic component company. He is the oldest of seven children. While living in Mexico as a child, he also work in Canal Once as TV host, and during his middle school years, he appeared in various plays.[3] Mariñelarena was educated at National Polytechnic Institute, one of the largest public universities in Mexico, and later studied filmmaking at University of Hartford, known for its performing arts and science curriculum. Afterward, Mariñelarena earned two majors from Film University in Screenwriting and Cinematography.[4] Mariñelarena still lives in Mexico.

Professional career[edit]

Erik Mariñelarena was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing the Macintosh second-wave in Mexico (1995 - 2004), developing imagery/video solutions and keynotes for COMDEX, MacWorld and ExpoMac. And is referred to as one of the prime Mexican Apple evangelists.[5]

Mariñelarena established E Corp Studio in 2001, as an advertising agency and multimedia production company, developing television commercials and websites for such clients as the telecommunications companies Iusacell, Telcel and Telmex. Other commercial work has been for clients including Maybelline, Fujifilm, Magnicharters, Coppel, Edebé, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts and Pemex.[6]

In 2005, Mariñelarena was co-founder and chief operating officer of Eru Digital, a Mexican international provider of solutions for the creation, management, post-production, delivery and access of film and video, for the Communication, Media and Entertainment industries. In 2009, he resigned from Eru.[7]

Mariñelarena made his feature film debut with Benjamin William's J-ok'el (2007) and scored a film festival hit with Hiro Masuda's Hotel Chelsea (2009), receiving international positive job reviews.[8] He has announced that he will be directing the upcoming thriller Spring-Hell Jim.


Year Film Credited as Studio
Director Producer Writer Editor Other
2002 Astral Yes Dreamland
2002 Amongst the Shoes Yes Yes Yes Sacrosanto Caramelo
2003 Story of a Mother Yes Yes Yes Yes Cinematographer E Corp Studio
2004 Faith Yes Yes Yes Yes Cinematographer
2007 J-ok'el Post VFX Out of Light Entertainment
2008 Una copa de vino Post Tres Centavos Films
Let Us Be
2008 Mateo's Night Post Yes VFX Eru Digital
2008 An Ally in Time Executive Yes Claroscuro Producciones
E Corp Studio
2009 Quiero saber la verdad Post Laura Sevilla Producciones
2009 Hotel Chelsea Post Ichigo Ichie Films
2010 Life Insurance Executive Yes Eon Films
E Corp Studio
2010 Serial Comic No.1 : Fixation Executive Yes VFX Oscuro Deseo Producciones
E Corp Studio
2010 ¿Quién anda ahí? Executive Yes VFX
2010 Doble sangre VFX Kaliyuri Films
2011 12th Warrior Executive Yes E Corp Studio
2011 Hasta cuando? Executive Yes Oscuro Deseo Producciones
E Corp Studio
2012 Ismael Post VFX Inspira Producción Audiovisual
2012 Sin Límites... Post Yes VFX Elemento Producciones
Becar Comercial
2013 The Frame Yes Executive Yes Yes E Corp Studio
2013 Apricot Yes Árbol
Lagarto Cine
2013 The Cosmonaut Yes Riot Cinema Collective
2013 Z: The Definitive Documentary Executive Yes Yes Oscuro Deseo Producciones
E Corp Studio
2013 Octavio Executive Yes Cinematographer Inukshuk Films
E Corp Studio
2013 Necaxa, People in Resistance Post Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica
E Corp Studio
2014 Anything Else Than Air Yes Imcine
E Corp Studio
2014 La isla perdida Executive
2014 Desde dentro Executive 5.1 Comunicación
2014 Beyond the Summit: Learning to Fly Post Yes Yes Márquez Films
2014 Criósfera Post Elemento Producciones
Mil Nubes Cine

Music Videos[edit]

Year Track Credited as Studio
Director Producer Writer Editor Other
2008 Solo performed by Ángel Xan Post Artmy
2008 Lo que fuí ayer performed by Los Daniels Post Inkubo Producciones
2008 I Never Wanted to Dance performed by Nikki Clan Post Chivo Films
2008 Shortcut to Heaven performed by Chenoa Post Chivo Films
2008 En otra dimensión performed by Los Daniels Yes Yes VFX Inkubo Producciones

Awards and recognition[edit]

This films were met with very positive reviews from critics and received many nominations and awards.


Anything Else Than Air
• Festival Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Cine de Margarita 2015
• Festival International de Films Indépendants, Genève 2015
• Riviera Maya Film Festival 2014
• IMCINE : Fondo para la Producción Cinematográfica de Calidad 2011
• Doc Meeting Argentina 2011
• Bolivia Lab III
Iberdoc 2010
Iberoamerican Film Crossing Borders 2010


The Cosmonaut
• LA Web Fest 2014
• Richmond International Film Festival 2014
• Trail Dance Film Festival 2014


• 29° Rencontres de Tolouse
Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin 65°
Cannes Marché Du Film 2015
Guadalajara International Film Festival 30
• International Film Festival Unasur Cine 2014
• Festival International de Cinema Nyon 2013
• Ibermedia Program 2013
Morelia International Film Festival 2010
• Bolivia Lab III


Cannes International Film Festival 2014
• 36° Festival international du Court Métrage
Guadalajara International Film Festival 29
Cumbre Tajin Festival
• Cinema Perpetuum Mobile 2014
The Berlin International Directors Lounge 2014
• 4th San Francisco Immigrant Film Festival 2013
• Premio Estatal de la Juventud 2013
• Festival de Cortometrajes ExpoCiencia Nacional 2013
• Muestra Internacional de Cortometrajes Multifest 2013
• IV Festival de Cine : Infancia y Adolescencia "Ciudad de Bogota" 2013
• Travelling Festival 2013
• Wagon International Shortfilm Festival 2013
• Todos Somos Otros 2013
• Puebla International Film Festival 2013
• Toluca International Film Festival 2013
• Ionian International Digital Film Festival 2013
• Shortlatino 2012
• Apoyo a la Producción y Postproducción de Cortometrajes 2011


12th Warrior
FIFA U-17 World Cup 2011 (Inauguration)
International Cervantes Culture Festival 2011
Hasta cuando?
Mexico City International Film Festival 2011


Serial Comic No. 1 : Fixation
• Underground Horror Filmfest 2013
• Macabro International Horror Film Festival 2010
• Morbido Fest 2010


Hotel Chelsea
• Japan Film Fest Hamburg 2011
• Eerie Horror Film Festival 2010
Rhode Island International Film Festival 2010
• Okanagan International Film Festival 2010
Seattle's True Independent Film Festival 2010
• Indie Spirit Film Festival 2010
• Myrtle Beach International Film Festival 2009
Queens International Film Festival 2009
• Radar Hamburg International Independent Film Festival 2009


An Ally in Time
Sundance Film Festival 2009
New York International Latino Film Festival 2008
Crystal Display Festival 2008
Mateo's Night
Morelia International Film Festival 2008
Una copa de vino
• Acapulco International Film Festival 2008


Park City International Music Festival 2007


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