Erik Menneskesøn

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Erik Menneskesøn
Created by Lars-Henrik Olsen
Species Human
Gender Male

Erik Menneskesøn (meaning Erik "Son of Man") is a protagonist in the mythological series by the Danish writer Lars-Henrik Olsen. The series exist in a parallel universe set in present time, the major difference is that the Norse Mythology is real. Common of all the books are that the realm of Heaven(Asgard in this context), is the most used. Whereas Earth is roughly mainly used as a dull starting place.

The series consists of the following four books:

  1. Erik Menneskesøn
  2. Kampen om Sværdet
  3. Kvasers Blod
  4. Gudernes Skæbne


Erik Menneskesøn is a 13-year-old retrieved to Asgard to help liberate the goddess of youth/eternal life Idun from the Jotuns. His journey takes him through Asgard, the underworld and the land of the dead Hel as well as Jötunheimr. With him, he has the daughter of Thor; Þruðr(Trud). Erik goes though his quest and he starts to fall in love with Trud, and she with him. "The Fight Over the Sword" takes place on Laesoe where Erik is on holiday with his girlfriend Marie from his school. Here he finds the sword Gram. The Jotuns are trying to get the sword and Odin comes in disguise to help protect the sword. In "Kvasers Blood" Erik once again becomes intertwined in the world of the gods. This time, however, it is the Jotuns who wants Erik's assistance. Útgarða-Loki is trying to get Erik to see things from the Jotuns' perspective and together with his daughter, Gunnlöð tries to get skjaldemøden back from the gods. The last volume, "the fate of the gods", is about Ragnarok, which literally means "Fate of the gods" and is the end of the world. On a holiday in Iceland Erik experiences an earthquake and a flood which strikes him out. When he wakes, he is oncemore in Asgard. In Asgard the Jotuns are attacking, and everything indicates that Ragnarok is in progress.