Erik Refilsson

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Erik Refilsson
King of Sweden
HouseHouse of Munsö

Erik Refilsson was a semi-legendary king of Sweden of the House of Munsö, who would have lived in the early 9th century. One of the few surviving Scandinavian sources that deal with Swedish kings from this time is Hervarar saga. It says:

Apparently, he was such a successful king that Rimbert relates that at Ansgar's second visit in Birka it was suggested among the people that Erik (Erik who preceded Björn) was to be elevated to god instead of the new god.

Skáldatal mentions that he had a court skald named Álfr jarl inn litli.

Notes and references[edit]

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Erik Refilsson
Preceded by
Erik Björnsson
Semi-legendary king of Sweden Succeeded by
Björn at Hauge
Anund Uppsale