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Erika Hoffman (born c. 1965) is a British actress who starred as Lesley Bainbridge in the BBC comedy Brush Strokes from series 2 onwards, when she took over the role from Kim Thomson. When the Brush Strokes series ended, she joined fellow cast member Howard Lew Lewis in the Channel 4 comedy series Chelmsford 123 where she played Gargamadua (the name translated, we were told, as "Snot Bucket").

In 1986, she played Anna, a 19-year-old pregnant German girl, in the Only Fools and Horses episode "From Prussia With Love". In the ITV '80s comedy Room at the Bottom, she played sexy secretary Nancy, alongside James Bolam and Richard Wilson. She appeared in the 1990s soap opera Machair, playing "Charlotte Van Agten". Hoffman appeared on stage and in such acclaimed television movies as the Last Days of Patton and as a Princess Di character in "The House of Cards" - ''To Play The King''.[1]

She married James Little in 2002 and they have one child (IMDB).


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