Erika Kamimura

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Erika Kamimura
BornErika Kamimura
(1992-12-30) December 30, 1992 (age 27)
Tokyo, Japan
Native name神村江里加
Other namesThe Strongest Female High School Student
Height1.58 m (5 ft 2 in)
Weight47.7 kg (105 lb)
Fighting out ofTokyo, Japan
TeamTarget Gym
Years active2008–present
Kickboxing record
By knockout15

Erika Kamimura (神村 江里加, kamimura erika, also known in Japan as 神村 エリカ, Erika in Katakana) (born December 30, 1992 in Tokyo) is a professional Japanese kickboxer. She won the 2011 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup tournament. She is also the current Rise Queen champion, WBC World Women's Mini Flyweight champion, WPMF World Women's Mini Flyweight champion, and is a former J-GIRLS Mini Flyweight champion.

Kickboxing career[edit]

Having started Karate while she was in Junior High School, she started kickboxing in 2006 when she went to Yamato Dojo with her father.[1]

On February 4, 2007, Kamimura made her amateur debut and won by knockout.

On March 31, 2007, Kamimura beat the younger Madoka Jinnai by Unanimous Decision.

On February 11, 2008, Kamimura made her pro debut against Mika, winning by Decision at the age of 15.

On April 13, 2008, Kamimura was named the MVP of the J-Grow 20 Amateur Tournament with her victory over Madoka Jinnai.[2]

An initial match between Kamimura and Ai Takahashi was canceled after Takahashi injured her orbital bone in training. As a result, Kamimura was entered into the 2011 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup. Having defeated the 2009 and 2010 champion, Rena Kubota, in an exhibition match, Kamimura was a heavy favorite going in.[3] Kamimura won the tournament, finishing her first two opponents and defeating Seo Hee Ham in the final match by decision.[4] Rena Kubota, who fought on the same event but not in the tournament, announced at the event that she would be fighting Kamimura for the first ever Rise Queen title.

Rena defeated Kamimura by decision to win the Rise Queen title at Rise 85. The fight would have been ruled a draw but deducted points gave the match to Rena.[5][6]

At Rise 87, Kamimura defeated Yau~en Fan in 33 seconds by knockout.[7]

Kamimura faced Seo Hee Ham in a rematch at Rise 88 on June 2, 2012.[8] She defeated Ham by unanimous decision.[9] With the victory, plans are being made for a rematch with Rena.

Kamimura entered the 2012 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup on August 25, 2012. She was defeated by Lorena Klijn via unanimous decision in the opening round of the tournament.[10]

She next faced Lomar Lookboonmee for the vacant WPMF World Women's Mini Flyweight (-47.7 kg/105 lb) Championship at RISE/M-1 ~Infinity~ in Tokyo on December 2, 2012.[11] Kamimura defeated Lookboonmee by knockout in the third round.[12][13]

Kamimura retained her WPMF title by defeating Churi Gothawynjim at M-FIGHT SUK WEERASAKRECK II Part.1 on June 16, 2013.[14]

Kamimura then faced off against J-Girls champion Momi for the vacant Rise Queen title at Rise 95 on September 13, 2013.[15] She defeated Momi by unanimous decision to become the new Rise Queen champion.[16][17]

In August, 2104 Kamimura retired from competition citing an unspecified incurable condition that was aggravated by the physical and mental stress of fighting. She maintains a normal life and continues to teach martial arts.

Championships and accomplishments[edit]


Kickboxing and shoot boxing record[edit]

Erika Kamimura kickboxing and shoot boxing record

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Amateur Kickboxing record[edit]

Amateur Kickboxing Record

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