Erika Nissen

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Erika Nissen
Painted by Erik Werenskiold around 1890.

Erika Nissen, née Lie (17 January 1845 – 27 October 1903), also known as Erika Røring Møinichen Lie Nissen, was a Norwegian pianist.

She was born in Kongsvinger[1] as the daughter of jurist Michael Strøm Lie and his wife Ingeborg Birgitte Røring Møinichen. She was the sister of Thomasine Lie, who married Jonas Lie.[2] She was the niece of Erik Røring Møinichen, her mother's brother.[3]

She made her concert debut in 1866 in Berlin, and played in Scandinavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Paris. She retired at the end of the 1870s to work as a music teacher. In 1894 she was granted an artist's scholarship by the Norwegian state.[1]

She was engaged to Rikard Nordraak for a short time.[1] In 1874 she married politician Oscar Nissen. Their marriage was dissolved in February 1895, after many years of unhappy marriage.[4] From 1892 to 1894 she had an affair with Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.[5]


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