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Erika Simon (born June 27, 1927) is a German scholar of classical archaeology[1] and professor emeritus of the University of Würzburg.

Selected writings[edit]

  • 1968 Ara Pacis Augustae
  • 1983 Festivals of Attica: an Archaeological Commentary
  • 2006 The Religion of the Etruscans (co-editor with Nancy Thomson de Grummond)

Writings in her honor[edit]

  • Laudatio für Frau Professor Dr. phil. Erika Simon in Feier zur Verleihung des E.H. Vits-Preises 1983, 5-8, Tonio Hölscher.
  • Kotinos: Festschrift für Erika Simon 1992. ISBN 3-8053-1425-6 von Zabern.