Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls

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Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls
Olumirin falls.jpg
Tourists at Erin Ijesa (Olumirin) falls, Osun state, Nigeria

Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls (also known as Olumirin waterfalls)[1] is located in Erin-Ijesha. It is a tourist attraction located in Oriade local government area, Osun State, Nigeria. The waterfalls was discovered in 1140 AD by one of the daughters of Oduduwa. However, according to The Nation,"Olumirin waterfall was discovered by hunters in 1140 AD".[2] Another source has it that the tourist site was discovered by a woman called Akinla, founder of Erin-Ijesha town and a granddaughter of Oduduwa, during the migration of Ife people to Erin- Ijesa.[3]

The fall features seven floors, on top of which the village Abake is located.[2][4][5]

Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls level 2 video
Tourists at Olumirin falls at Erin Ijesha, Osun state

The waterfall is said to have medicinal properties and people came from all over to drink from the waterfall and be healed.

The Erin Ijesha Waterfalls is also a popular excursion point for schools around the vicinity.[citation needed]

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