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Eritrea Institute of Technology
Eritrea Institute of Technology logo.jpg
PresidentGhebrehiwet Medhanie[1]
LocationAbardae, Eritrea

The Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT) or Mai-Nefhi College is a technological institute located near the town Himbrti, Mai Nefhi, Eritrea. It is situated about 12 km southwest of Asmara, near the Mai Nefhi dam. The institute has three colleges: Science, Engineering and Technology, and Education. The institute began with about 5,500 students during the 2003-2004 academic year.


The EIT was opened after the University of Asmara was reorganized. According to the Ministry of Education, the institution was established, as one of many efforts to achieve equal distribution of higher learning in areas outside the capital city, Asmara. Accordingly, several similar colleges are also established in different other parts of the country.

The Eritrea Institute of Technology at Mai Nefhi is the main local institute of higher studies in science, engineering and education. Funding for EIT is largely is provided by the Ministry of Education.


The new campus buildings of the EIT

The following undergraduate degree programs are provided by the respective colleges under the Eritrean Institute of Technology.

1. College of Education[2]

• B.Sc. and Dip in Educational Administration

• B.Sc. Educational Psychology

• B.Sc. and Dip in Science Education

• Dip in Physical Education

• Dip in English Language Teaching

• Dip in Social Science

2. College of Engineering and Technology[3]

• B.Sc. and in Chemical Engineering

• AdvDip in Chemical Engineering and Industrial Technology

• B.Sc. in Civil Engineering

• AdvDip in Construction Technology, and Surveying and Drafting

• B.Sc. in Computer Engineering

• AdvDip in Computer Technology and Communications Technology

• B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

• AdvDip in Electrical Technology and Electronics Technology

• B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

• AdvDip in Automotive Technology

• B.Sc. in Mining Engineering

• AdvDp in Mining Technology

• B.Sc. in Process Engineering

3. College of Science[4]

• B.Sc. in Biology

• B.Sc. in Chemistry

• B.Sc. in Physics

• B.Sc. in Mathematics

• B.Sc. in Computer Science

• AdvDip in Computer Applications

• B.Sc. in Earth Science (Geology)

• B.Sc. in Library and Information Science

• Dip in Archives and Records Management

Furthermore, the College of Science and College of Education offer postgraduate courses in various fields through correspondence education.


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