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Erkki Aukusti Junkkarinen (22 April 1929 in Suonenjoki – 9 April 2008 in Hämeenlinna) was a Finnish singer.

Junkkarinen established his musical career in 1950 with his successful album Yksinäinen harmonikka, though in the following years his popularity began to dwindle. He created only one album in the 1960s, Ruusut hopeamaljassa, which at the time had only limited success. In 1975, he released the same songs under the different name Ruusuja hopeamaljassa. The new edition sold very well, and Junkkarinen received the first Finnish platinum record ever. As he grew to an unually large fame for an artist in Finland, he helped spread the humppa style of music.


  • Yksinäinen harmonikka (1950)
  • Imatran Inkeri (1951)
  • Ruusut hopeamaljassa (1967)
  • Ruusuja hopeamaljassa (1975)
  • Lappeenrantaan (1977)
  • Tulisuudelma (1978)

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