Erland Nordenskiöld

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Erland Nordenskiöld
Erland Nordenskiöld.png
Erland Nordenskiöld
Born 19 July 1877
Died 1932
Nationality Sweden
Fields archaeology
Notable awards Loubat Prize

Baron Nils Erland Herbert Nordenskiöld (1877–1932) was a Swedish archeologist and anthropologist. Nordenskiöld's research focused on the ethnography and prehistory of South America.


He was born in Stockholm, the son of N. A. E. Nordenskiöld. He was educated at Uppsala, was connected with the Museum of Natural History at Stockholm (1906–08), and became director of the ethnographic division of the Göteborg Museum (1913). He made journeys of discovery in Patagonia (1899), in Argentina and Bolivia (1901–02), in Peru and Bolivia (1904–05), in Bolivia (1908–09), and in 1913 in the interior of South America.[1] From these journeys he brought home large collections to Gothenburg where he was head of the Ethnographical Museum.

In 1912 he was awarded the Loubat Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities and the Wahlberg gold medal of the Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography.


Besides numerous articles in scientific periodicals Nordenskiöld published:

  • Från högfjäll och urskogar (1902)
  • Indianlif i El Gran Chaco (1910; German translation, 1912)
  • Indianer och hvita (1911)
  • Sydamerikas indianer (1912)



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