Erlin, Changhua

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Coordinates: 23°55′22″N 120°24′33″E / 23.922875°N 120.409073°E / 23.922875; 120.409073

Erlin Township in Changhua County
Erlin Township

Erlin Township (Chinese: 二林鎮; pinyin: Èrlín Zhèn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Jī-lîm-tìn/Gī-lîm-tìn) is an urban township in Changhua County, Taiwan.[1]


With an area of 92.8578 square kilometers, it is the largest township in Changhua County. As of January 2017, its population was 51,487, including 26,533 males and 24,954 females.[2]


During the Dutch period, the area was under the administrative region of Favorlang (modern-day Huwei, Yunlin). Present-day Erlin was probably at or near Gierim, "one of the primary centers for Sino-aboriginal trade and a favorite haunt of pirates and smugglers."[3]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Fengtian Village, Tunghe Village, Nanguang Village, Xiping Village, Beiping Village, Zhongxi Village, Guangxing Village, Xiangtian Village, Waizhu Village, Xinghua Village, Tungxing Village, Houcuo Village, Dingcuo Village, Zhaojia Village, Zhenxing Village, Wanxing Village, Yongxing Village, Xizhuang Village, Meifang Village, Hualun Village, Wange Village, Tungshi Village, Dayong Village, Yuandou Village, Xidou Village, Tunghua Village, Fufeng Village.

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