Ermentrude of Orléans

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Ermentrude of Orléans
Ermentrude d'Orleans.gif
Statue of Ermentrude in her tomb
Queen of the West Franks
Tenure13 December 842 – 6 October 869
Born27 September 823
Died6 October 869(869-10-06) (aged 46)
SpouseCharles the Bald
FatherOdo, Count of Orléans
MotherEngeltrude of Paris

Ermentrude of Orléans (27 September 823 – 6 October 869) was Queen of the Franks by her marriage to Charles the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor and King of West Francia. She was the daughter of Odo, Count of Orléans and his wife Engeltrude.

She and Charles married in 842. Their children were:

Ermentrude had a gift for embroidery and an interest in religious foundations. Her husband gave her the Abbey of Chelles. She separated from her husband after he executed her rebellious brother William in 866, and retreated to life in a nunnery. Ermentrude was buried in the Basilique Saint-Denis, Paris, France.


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Preceded by
Judith of Bavaria
First following the Treaty of Verdun
Queen of Western Francia
Succeeded by
Richilde of Provence