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Subdistrict and town
Main street and church of Ermera
Main street and church of Ermera
Ermera is located in East Timor
Location in East Timor
Coordinates: 8°45′8″S 125°23′49″E / 8.75222°S 125.39694°E / -8.75222; 125.39694Coordinates: 8°45′8″S 125°23′49″E / 8.75222°S 125.39694°E / -8.75222; 125.39694
Country  East Timor
District Ermera District
Subdistrict Ermera Subdistrict
Suco Poetete
Elevation 1,195 m (3,921 ft)
Population (2015 census)
 • Total 8,907
Time zone East Timor Standard Time (UTC+9)
Climate Am
Location of Ermera in the district of Ermera

Ermera (Vila Ermera) is a city in East Timor. It has a population of 8,907. Its geographical coordinates are 8°45′8″S 125°23′49″E / 8.75222°S 125.39694°E / -8.75222; 125.39694, and it lies 1,195 metres (3,921 ft) above sea level. Ermera's center lies in the Suco of Poetete (Ermera Subdistrict, Ermera District).