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A map of the Roman roads in Britain (c. 150), including Ermin Street (in grey)

Ermin Street or Ermin Way was a Roman road in Britain. It linked Glevum (Gloucester) to Corinium (Cirencester) to Calleva (Silchester).

At Glevum, it connected to the road to Isca (Caerleon), the legionary base in southeast Wales. At Corinium, it connected to the Fosse Way between Isca (Exeter) and Lindum (Lincoln). At Calleva, it connected to the Devil's Highway to Londinium (London) and the Kentish ports, as well as to other routes to points in the southwest.

Much of it is now covered by the modern A417, A419 and B4000 roads.

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Coordinates: 51°37′39″N 1°49′12″W / 51.62739°N 1.81987°W / 51.62739; -1.81987