Erminio Costa

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Erminio Costa
Born 1924
Died November 28, 2009
Citizenship American
Nationality Italian
Fields Neuropharmacology
Institutions Columbia University, Georgetown University
Alma mater University of Cagliari
Notable students Floyd E. Bloom, Norton H. Neff
Known for Research on serotonin, the GABA receptor, and metabotropic glutamate receptors
Spouse Ingeborg Hanbauer
Children Michael, Max and Robert (Robert died in 2006)[1]

Erminio "Mimo" Costa (1924, Cagliari, Italy - 2009, Washington, D.C., USA) was a neuroscientist.[2] His research interests covered brain serotonergic activity in health and disease, benzodiazepine-GABA interactions,[3] benzodiazepine action at GABAA receptors, neurophysiological role of neurosteroids,[4] and GABAergic dysfunction and changes in the expression of reelin and GAD67 in schizophrenia.[5] He published more than 1000 articles.[6] The June 2011 issue of the journal Neuropharmacology was dedicated to him.[7]



  • Advances in Biochemical Psychopharmacology (1969)
  • Biochemistry and Pharmacology of the Basal Ganglia (1966)
  • Biochemistry of Simple Neuronal Models (1970)
  • Neurosteroids and Brain Function (1991)
  • The Endorphins - Vol. 18 (1985)

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