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Erna Paris CM is a Canadian non-fiction author born in Toronto.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto in Honours Philosophy and English, Paris moved to France for several years, where she continued her studies at the Sorbonne. She began her writing career in the 1970s as a magazine journalist and radio broadcaster/documentarist.

Paris is the author of seven books and the winner of twelve national and international prizes for her books, journalism, and radio documentaries. She is a frequent contributor to the opinion page of the Globe and Mail.

She lives in Toronto with her husband Thomas M. Robinson, professor emeritus of Ancient Greek Philosophy and Classics at the University of Toronto. She has a daughter, Michelle, and a son, Roland.

Awards and recognition[edit]


  • Jews, An Account of Their Experience in Canada. Toronto: Macmillan, 1980. ISBN 0-7715-9574-3
  • Stepfamilies: Making Them Work. Toronto: Avon, 1984. ISBN 0-380-86405-3
  • Unhealed Wounds: France and the Klaus Barbie Affair. Toronto: Methuen, 1985. ISBN 0-458-99820-6
  • The Garden and the Gun: A Journey Inside Israel. Toronto: Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1988 ISBN 0-88619-121-1
  • The End of Days: A Story of Tolerance, Tyranny, and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain. Toronto: Lester, 1995. ISBN 1-895555-73-6
  • Long Shadows: Truth, Lies and History Toronto: Knopf Canada, 2000. ISBN 0-676-97251-9
  • The Sun Climbs Slow: Justice in the Age of Imperial America, Toronto: Knopf Canada, 2008. ISBN 978-0-676-97744-8
  • From Tolerance to Tyranny: A Cautionary Tale From Fifteenth-Century Spain, Toronto: Cormorant Books, 2015. Template:ISBN 978-1-77086-397--2 (New edition of The End of Days.)


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