Ernest A. Macdonald

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Ernest Albert Macdonald
Ernest Albert Macdonald.png
30th Mayor of Toronto
In office
Preceded by John Shaw
Succeeded by Oliver Aiken Howland
Personal details
Born 1858
Oswego, New York
Died December 18, 1902 (aged 43–44)

Ernest Albert Macdonald (1858 – December 18, 1902) was Mayor of Toronto in 1900.

Born in Oswego, New York, Macdonald emigrated to Brockville, Ontario when he was young. He was a member of the Toronto City Council for St. Matthew's ward and ran three times unsuccessfully for mayor before being elected in 1900. He served for one year and lost when he ran for re-election. His defeat led to a nervous breakdown. He died in 1902 after a lengthy battle with syphilis.[1][2]

Prior to becoming mayor, Macdonald built up and lost a real estate fortune which would have been worth millions in 21st century dollars.[1] He was also a member of the Orange Order in Canada.


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