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Ernest Bader (24 November 1890 – 5 February 1982)[1] and his wife, Dora Scott, founded a chemical company, Scott Bader,[2] [3]and gave it to the employees, under terms of Common ownership, forming the Scott Bader Commonwealth, in 1951.[4]

Scott Bader Ltd. was founded in 1921[5] in and moved to Wollaston, Northamptonshire in 1943. It is now international. It makes advanced resins and composite materials.

For a full history, see The Man Who Gave His Company Away: A Biography of Ernest Bader, Founder of the Scott Bader Commonwealth by Susanna Hoe (foreword E. F. Schumacher); London, William Heinemann (1978) ISBN 0-434-34023-5.

Originally of Swiss nationality, Ernest Bader had been a conscientious objector in his home country. He was a Quaker and a member of the Committee of 100 (United Kingdom).

He died in 1982, aged 91.[6]


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