Ernest Legouve Reef

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Ernest Legouve Reef
Wachusett Bank.png
Ernest Legouve Rock on 1921 Pacific map
Created by Ernest‑Legouvé
Type Phantom island
Ernest Legouve Reef is located in Pacific Ocean
Ernest Legouve Reef
Ernest Legouve Reef
Alleged location of Ernest Legouve Reef in the Pacific Ocean

Located in the South Pacific (south of French Tuamotu islands and east of New Zealand) Ernest‑Legouvé Reef was reported in 1902 by the unnamed captain of the French ship Ernest‑Legouvé. The reef was about 100 metres long and another reef was sighted near it.[1] The reef was recorded in Paris Notice to Mariners 164/1122/1902, and the International Hydrographic Bureau stated it on February 9, 1957 giving an estimated position of 35°12′S 150°40′W / 35.200°S 150.667°W / -35.200; -150.667. It was searched for in 1982 and 1983, but not found leading to it being considered a phantom island. Nevertheless, it is marked in the 2005 edition of the National Geographic Atlas of the World.[2]

Other nearby historically reported reefs which appear to not exist include Wachusett Reef, Jupiter Reef, and Maria Theresa Reef.

In its location and description, Ernest Legouve Reef corresponds to the rock that was said to be all that was left of Lincoln Island at the end of Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island.


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