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Ernest Oscar Tips (Temse, 1893 - Brussels, 1968) was a Belgian aircraft designer.


Born in Tielrode near Temse in 1893, the youngest of 13 children, he was already building aircraft in 1908, with his brother Maurice. He fled Belgium at the outbreak of the first world war. In England, he worked with the newly established Fairey Aviation Company, and the relation stood for many years. He gained British pilot's license RAC-UK 5904 on May 6, 1918. He retired from work around 1960, and died in 1968, in Brussels.


He fled Belgium at the outbreak of World War I, arriving in England via the (neutral) Netherlands. He learned aeronautical engineering at Short Brothers. In 1916, he was co-founder of Fairey Aviation Company in Hayes, Middlesex; it would be his main occupation for the next 15 years. In 1918, he gained his UK pilot's license.

In 1931, he returned to Belgium to create Fairey's Belgian subsidiary Avions Fairey at the Gosselies aerodrome.




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