Ernesto Drangosch

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Ernesto Drangosch (Buenos Aires, 22 January 1882– 26 June 1925) was an Argentine pianist and composer. He was a student of Alberto Williams.[1]

He was born Ernst Otto Paul Richard Drangosch in Buenos Aires to German immigrant parents. His parents were Friederich Carl Drangosch and Augusta Emilia Inés Schneider, from Berlin.

Works, editions, recordings[edit]

  • Criolla overture 1920
  • Puentes – songs: Abendgang, Op.9/2, Auf eine Tänzerin, Op.26/1, Ein Lied..., so schön, Op.9/3, Ich wollte bei dir weilen, Op.4/4, Lauf der Welt, Op.4/6, Rechtfertigung, Op.4/, Si les étoiles pouvaient te dire, Op.19/1 with songs by Celestino Piaggio – Gyldenfeldt


  1. ^ Walter Aaron Clark From tejano to tango: Latin American popular music 2002 – Page 11 "The Argemine classical pianist and composer Ernesto Drangosch (1882–1925) incorporated this theme into his Criolla Overture (1920). Later, Alberto Williams, who had previously taught Drangosch piano, made his own arrangement of the piece, ..."