Monti Ernici

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Monti Ernici
Monti Ernici.jpg
A panorama of the Monti Ernici from the Acropolis of Alatri
Highest point
Peak Mount Passeggio
Elevation 2,064 m (6,772 ft)
Country Italy
Region Lazio and Abruzzo
Parent range Alps
Orogeny Alpine orogeny

The Monti Ernici (Italian: "Mountains of the Hernici") are a mountain range in central Italy, part of the sub-Apennines of Lazio. They are bounded by the valley of the river Aniene to the north-east, that of the Liri to the east, and, from south to west, by the valleys of the Cosa (it) and Sacco. They are the natural border between the Ciociaria and the Abruzzo.

The peaks have an average height of 2,000 m, the highest being the Mount Passeggio (2,064 m).

At the base of the Ernici Mounts is the cave of La Foce with a spring outflow in the Aniene river.[1]

Points of interest[edit]


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Coordinates: 41°48′14″N 13°29′20″E / 41.8039°N 13.4888°E / 41.8039; 13.4888