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Ernst Dohm.

Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst (or Ernest) Dohm (b. Elias Levy Dohm; also known by his pseudonym Karlchen Mießnick; 24 May 1819, Breslau – 5 February 1883, Berlin) was a German editor, actor, and translator.

He was Jewish and a convert to Christianity. He married feminist Hedwig Dohm, and had 5 children:

  1. Hans Ernst Dohm (1854–1866)
  2. (Gertrud) Hedwig (Anna) Dohm (1855–1942), married to Jewish scientist Alfred Pringsheim
  3. Ida Marie Elisabeth Dohm (1856–?)
  4. Marie Pauline Adelheid Dohm (1858–?)
  5. Eva Dohm (1860–?)

He became a grandfather of the musician Klaus Pringsheim, Sr. and Katharina "Katia" Pringsheim, the wife of Thomas Mann. He was a chief-editor of the Kladderadatsch, a satirical magazine founded in 1848, until 1849.

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