Ernst Gustav Kraatz

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Ernst Gustav Kraatz (1831-1909)

Ernst Gustav Kraatz (13 March 1831 – 2 November 1909) was a German entomologist.[1] He collected and described numerous beetles including Staphylinidae.

Kraatz was born in Berlin on 13 March 1831.[1] He studied law in the University of Heidelberg and at the University of Bonn but found no interest in it and through the influence of Carl August Dohrn he shifted to study entomology at the University of Berlin and later became was a professor.[1] He was mainly interested in Coleoptera. Kraatz worked on the beetle fauna of the whole world using the vast collections in the Natural History Museum of Berlin and described numerous species. Loss of eyesight led to stoppage of work and he died in Berlin. His collection is held by Deutsches Entomologisches Institut.



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