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Ernst Gustav Kraatz (1831-1909)

Ernst Gustav Kraatz (13 March 1831 – 2 November 1909) was a German entomologist.

Kraatz was born in Berlin on 13 March 1831 and died in the same city, where he was a professor at the University of Berlin. He was mainly interested in Coleoptera. His collection is held by Deutsches Entomologisches Institut. Kraatz worked on the beetle fauna of the whole world using the vast collections in the Natural History Museum of Berlin.


  • Kraatz, G. (1856a-1857a) Naturgeschichte der Insecten Deutschlands. Abt. 1. Coleoptera. Zweiter Band. Berlin: Verlag der Nicolaischen Buchhandlung, viii+1080 pp.

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Kraatz,G. Prof. Dr. Gustav Kraatz. 50 järingen Jubilaeum 164 pages, 4 plates 1906 gives a complete list the list of his publications and the species described.


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