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Ernst Hartmann

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Ernst Hartmann (born 10 November 1915 in Mannheim, d. 23 October 1992 in Waldkatzenbach, a suburb of Waldbrunn (Odenwald)) in Germany was a German medical doctor, author and publicist.[1][circular reference]

"Hartmann lines", a scientifically unproven grid of invisible energy lines of the Earth's inherent radiation (German Erdstrahlen), are named after him.[2]


Ernst Hartmann studied medicine in Mannheim and Jena.[3] During World War II he worked as a staff physician in the German army and later was briefly in American captivity. Subsequently he opened a medical practice in Eberbach on the river Neckar, where he remained more than 40 years as a practitioner.[4]

Besides his work as a doctor, in 1948, Ernst Hartmann occupied himself, together with his brother Robert, with geobiology and dowsing.[5] Furthermore, he occupied himself with homeopathy and later also 'building biology' (German baubiologie).[6] The Research Group for Geobiology (Dr. Hartmann e.V.),[7] a registered association with the goal of promoting research and training in geobiology, was founded by him in 1961.

Significant Publications[edit]

  • Geopathie (eng. Geopathy), Haug Verlag, Ulm/Donau, 1954.
  • Krankheit als Standortproblem (eng. Illness as a Location Problem), Volume 1, Haug Verlag, Heidelberg, (1. Auflage 1964), 5. Auflage 1986, ISBN 9783776006537
  • Krankheit als Standortproblem (eng. Illness as a Location Problem), Volume 2, Haug Verlag, Heidelberg, 1986, ISBN 9783776009118

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