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Ernst Jacobson (31 January 1889, Stockholm – 8 February 1963, Stockholm)[1] was a Swedish chess master.

He took 8th at Copenhagen 1916 (the 9th Nordic Chess Championship, Paul Johner won),[2] took 2nd at Stockholm 1916, tied for 7-8th at Göteborg 1920 (B-tournament, Johner won),[3] took 3rd and won ahead of Karl Berndtsson and Gustaf Nyholm at Jönköping 1921, and took 4th at Uppsala 1923 (Allan Nilsson and Anton Olson won).[4]

He thrice represented Sweden in Chess Olympiads at London 1927, The Hague 1928, and Hamburg 1930,[5] and played in friendly matches Germany vs. Sweden (1922) and Stockholm vs. Leningrad (1926).[6]


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