Ernst Jaeckh

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Ernst Jaeckh
Ernst Jäckh am 14.März 1909 beim Aufstieg des Ballons (rechts).jpg
Ernst Jäckh (right), March 14, 1909
Born (1875-02-22)February 22, 1875
Urach, Germany
Died August 17, 1959(1959-08-17) (aged 84)
New York City, USA
Nationality German, British, USA
Other names Ernest Jackh, Ernest Jaeckh, Ernst Jäckh
Education Ph.D. Philology, 1902
Occupation Journalist, Orientalist, Political Scientist

Neckar-Zeitung (Heilbronn), Deutscher Werkbund,

Nachrichtenstelle für den Orient, Deutsche Hochschule für Politik, New Commonwealth

Institute, Columbia University
Known for

Pro-Turkish German propagandist during World War I,

Pioneer of liberal political science in Germany, Anti-Totalitarian political scientist

in Britain and USA

Ernst Jaeckh (February 22, 1875 in Urach, Germany - August 17, 1959 in New York City, USA) was a German author.


He was born in Urach Germany. During the First World War, Jaeckh was one of the main propagandists of the German-Turkish alliance and worked for Eugen Mittwoch and his Nachrichtenstelle für den Orient. In 1920, he founded the Deutsche Hochschule für Politik, a key liberal think tank of the Weimar Republic. Being a staunch Anti-Nazi, he emigrated to Britain in the 1930s. In 1932, he became international director of the newly founded New Commonwealth Society. In 1940, he migrated further to the United States where he became professor at Columbia University and founded the Columbia Middle East Institute in 1948. In the 1940s he headed the Middle Eastern Department of the British Ministry of Information, a close associate was Eugen Mittwoch. He is remembered to be an author and academic. He promoted the German-Turkish Alliance (1908-1914) and founded the German Turkish Association in 1912. He became professor of Turkish history at the University of Berlin in 1914. Ernst Jäckh was a member of the diplomatic service during World War I and with Friedrich Naumann, he organized the liberal movement in Germany (1902-1912). Jäckh emigrated to Britain s and held the position of international director of the New Commonwealth Institute until 1940 when he became Professor of Public Law and Government at Columbia University specializing in the politics of Germany the Balkans and the Middle East. He wrote books that include Albanian War, Der Austeigende Halbmonde, Background of the Middle East, Deutschland im Orient.[1]