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Dr Ernst Krause also known under the pen-name Carus Sterne (22 November 1839 in Zielenzig, – 24 August 1903 in Eberswalde) was a German biologist.

Initially a student of pharmacy, he later studied natural sciences at the University of Berlin. After graduation, he devoted himself to independent scientific research. He was a prominent and successful champion of Darwinism in Germany.[1]

Selected works[edit]

  • Die Naturgeschichte der Gespenster. Physikalisch-physiologisch-psychologische Studien, Weimar 1863 – The natural history of ghosts. Physico-physiological-psychological studies.
  • Werden und Vergehen eine Entwicklungsgeschichte des Naturganzen in gemeinverständlicher Fassung (11 editions published between 1876 and 1907) – Growth and decay, a history of the whole of nature in a common sense approach.
  • "Erasmus Darwin", (30 editions published between 1879 and 2009 in English and German). Published in German as "Erasmus Darwin und seine Stellung in der Geschichte der Descendenz-Theorie" (biography of Erasmus Darwin, translated from the German by W.S. Dallas; with a preliminary notice by Charles Darwin).[2]
  • Charles Darwin und sein Verhältnis zu Deutschland (10 editions published between 1885 and 1887) – Charles Darwin and his relationship in Germany.
  • Die allgemeine Weltanschauung in ihrer historischen Entwickelung, Stuttgart 1889 – The general world belief in historical development.
  • Natur und Kunst : Studien zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der Kunst, 1891 – Nature and art: Studies on the developmental history of art.[3]
  • Geschichte der biologischen Wissenschaften im 19. Jahrhundert, Berlin 1901 – History of biological sciences in the 19th Century.

Krause was also the author of numerous articles in the journal Die Gartenlaube.[4]


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