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Erol Çevikçe, (born 8 December 1937, Istanbul) is a Turkish politician, a CHP deputy, and a former Minister of Public Works and Transportation.


He went to Ela Cevikçe Kılıçaslan Elementary School and Amasya Secondary School, the son of Kazim Cevikçe and the daughter of Cününoğulları, one of the oldest families of Amasya, who were the first teachers of the Republic, and graduated from Kabasas Boys' High School in Istanbul.

He is a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Economics. He first studied first English at Robert College through the preparatory class at Bosphorus University.

Prime Minister Ismet Inonu entered the State Planning Organization. He had the opportunity to work the first planning staff.

From 1968 to 1969 he studied a master's degree at the University of Pittsburgh, America, with a thesis subject of "Turkey's Economic Planning Experience". He married Perihan Cevikce (Korkut), a SIS Expert Assistant in America. The eldest of the his two daughters, Sila graduated from the Department of Economics, Bogazici University, and is a jazz pianist. His youngest daughter graduated from Istanbul Technical University in architecture.

He worked in State Planning Organisation until the 1973 elections. He was the first planning expert who member of Parliament in 1973 to be called by Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit. In 1974, he worked as the Ministry of Public Works of the CHP Government as an Adana Deputy.

He was elected Member of Parliament from Amasya in 1977. 1980 Transport Minister Ecevit Government of second post, because it is politically banned. 1992 economic consultant in the private sector has left his life. Congress has returned to active politics in 1988.

In the second Ecevit government, he became Minister of Transport. After 1980, he worked as an economic adviser because he was politically banned. In 1992, the private sector left his life. Active politics returned with the 1988 General Assembly. Erdal Inönü's General President, Deniz Baykal's Deputy Secretary General made his work. He left Baykal in 1999 with his duties. Inonu went against the top three times in the Presidential race and lost.

Deputy Chairman of the CHP was re-opened in 1992. He was re-elected as a deputy of Adana in the 1995 elections.[1] Except for 1999 when the parliamentary election CHP, Deniz Baykal, who insisted that the General Directorate pulled his head to leave. He was not a candidate for parliament then. He left politics in the Assembly. In the political life, has been serving as a member of the CHP. In 2012 he published a book titled "The CHP and a lifetime's".


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