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Erol Otus
Born United States
Occupation Artist, game designer

Erol Otus is an American artist and game designer, known internationally for his contributions to the fantasy role-playing game (RPG) genre, especially early in the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. Called "legendary" by RPGnet,[1] he is also known for his artwork on the multiple award winning[2] Star Control II as well as providing the voice for one of the character races, the Chmmr, in the same game.[3]

Role-playing games[edit]

Erol Otus was a prolific contributor to the early Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) franchise, creating full covers as well as many interior illustrations for TSR materials.[4] For example, he created the cover for the first version of the D&D manual Deities & Demigods and illustrated the Cthulhu pantheon within.

Otus has also provided cover art and interior illustrations for Goodman Games, Oracle Games (in particular Alma Mater - The High School RPG) and the Arduin series. More recently his art will be featured on the covers of the new HackMaster edition and issue #8 of Fight On![citation needed]

While working at TSR, Otus was also runner up in TSR's first "DM Invitational", a contest to choose D&D's best overall dungeon master.[5]

Video games[edit]

Otus has also provided illustrations, production design and voice overs for computer games such as The Last Ninja,[6] Star Trek: Generations,[7] Mail Order Monsters and Star Control II.[8] Star Control II was named by IGN as the 17th best game of all time[9] and by GameSpot as one of the greatest games of all time.[10]


In the Dungeons & Dragons adventure module "A4: In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords", part of the treasure on the slaver ships is a series of paintings by a supposedly famous Drow Artist named "Ool Eurts" (an anagram of Erol Otus).


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