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Erol Otus
Born United States
Occupation Artist, game designer

Erol Otus is an American artist and game designer, known internationally for his contributions to the fantasy RPG genre, especially early in the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. Called "legendary" by RPGnet,[1] he is also known for his artwork on the multiple award winning[2] Star Control II as well as providing the voice for one of the character races, the Chmmr, in the same game.[3]

Role-playing games[edit]

Erol Otus was a prolific contributor to the early Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) franchise, creating full covers as well as many interior illustrations for TSR materials.[4] For example, he created the cover for the first version of the D&D manual Deities & Demigods and illustrated the Cthulhu pantheon within.

Otus has also provided cover art and interior illustrations for Goodman Games, Oracle Games (in particular Alma Mater - The High School RPG) and the Arduin series. More recently his art will be featured on the covers of the new HackMaster edition and issue #8 of Fight On!

Video games[edit]

Otus has also provided illustrations, production design and voice overs for computer games such as The Last Ninja,[5] Star Trek: Generations,[6] Mail Order Monsters and Star Control II.[7] Star Control II was named by IGN as the 17th best game of all time[8] and by Gamespot as one of the greatest games of all time.[9]


In the Dungeons & Dragons adventure module "A4: In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords", part of the treasure on the slaver ships is a series of paintings by a supposedly famous Drow Artist named "Ool Eurts" (an anagram of Erol Otus).


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