Eromanga Basin

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Eromanga Basin is located in Australia
Eromanga Basin
Location of Eromanga Basin in Australia

The Eromanga Basin is a large Mesozoic sedimentary basin in central and northern Australia. It covers parts of Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia, and New South Wales, and is a major component of the Great Artesian Basin. The Eromanga Basin covers 1,000,000 km²[1] and overlaps part of the Cooper Basin.

The basin is made of sandstone, siltstone, mudstone, coal, shale, and red beds.[2] Two impact structures have been identified in the basin - Mount Toondina crater and Tookoonooka crater.

In Queensland and South Australia the Eromanga Basin has been explored and developed for petroleum production.[3] Commercial quantities of gas were first discovered in 1976 and oil in 1978.[1] The basin contains Australia's largest onshore oilfield at Jackson.[4] Moomba is the centre of South Australia's oil production in the basin.

The portion of the Eromanga Basin in New South Wales remains under-explored.[3]

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