Erotic Heritage Museum

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Erotic Heritage Museum
Location3275 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
United States
Coordinates36°07′48″N 115°10′29″W / 36.1300816°N 115.1746632°W / 36.1300816; -115.1746632Coordinates: 36°07′48″N 115°10′29″W / 36.1300816°N 115.1746632°W / 36.1300816; -115.1746632
TypeErotic museum
DirectorVictoria Hartmann, Ph.D.

The Erotic Heritage Museum (EHM) is a 24,000-square-foot (2,200 m2) space with 17,000 square feet (1,600 m2) dedicated to the history of erotica.[1] The grand patron of the museum is Harry Mohney, founder of Déjà Vu.[2] An educational, performance and exhibit space, The Erotic Heritage Museum also houses a lobby selling various retail items and hosts readings, symposiums and 'meet and greets' of notables in the world of sexual education and art.


The museum opened on August 2, 2008,[2] ceased operations for a brief restructuring on February 19, 2014, and reopened on June 7, 2014, as Harry Mohney's Erotica Museum.[3] The museum is managed by Harry Mohney Erotic Museum LLC, a Nevada corporation.


The Harry Mohney Erotic Museum's sole purpose is to perform educational, scientific and literary functions relating to sexual, emotional, mental and physical health. Historical and contemporary erotic materials donated to the Harry Mohney Erotic Museum may be sold by the artist or collection holder, or made available on loan from individual artists for viewing in accordance with federal law.

The museum seeks to bridge the gap between that which is commercial and often misidentified as pornographic, with that which is aesthetic, often identified as folk, pop, and fine art. In keeping with the legacy of the American sexual revolution, the EHM is dedicated to the belief that sexual pleasure and fun are natural aspects of the human experience, that such pleasure should be made available to all, and that our individual sexuality belongs to each of us.

The Erotic Heritage Museum features the following displays:

The Garden of Earthly Delights
Academic reviews of Human Sexuality Studies
Erotically themed photographs, sketches, paintings
Wall of Shame: Articles about Political, Religious or Celebrity Personalities Connected to Scandals[4]
Jay Losofsky Sculptures
The Jewel Bow Theater
The Paris Theater
Sex Work in Nevada Exhibit featuring Chicken Ranch artifacts
The Auto-Erotic Chair
The Star Wars Exhibit
Sex in Space Immersive Exhibit
The Evolution of Human Sexuality Exhibit
The Mel Gordon Voluptuous Panic Exhibit
Sex and the Media Video Room Exhibit
The Sex in the Third Reich Exhibit
The Teacher Scandals Exhibit
The History of the Peep Show Exhibit
The LGBTIQ Gallery
The Fithian Collection
Historic artifacts
Porcelain figurines
Erotic Sculptures
Artist of the Month Gallery
Rotating Exhibits

The second floor is mainly devoted to erotic art, some of it available for sale. The presented pieces range from classic to abstract and include paintings, sketches, watercolors, porcelain figurines, sculptures, and carved wood objects.[5]


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