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Studio album by Lifelover
Released February 24, 2007
October, 2007 (vinyl version)
January 21, 2009 (CD re-issue)
Recorded September–December 2006, Stockholm, Sweden
Genre Black metal, post-punk
Length 52:37
Label Total holocaust records (THR 105)
Eternity records (ETER 026)
Blut & eisen productions
Osmose Productions (OPCD 214)
Lifelover chronology

Erotik (English: Eroticism) is the second full-length album by Swedish black metal band Lifelover, released on CD in February 2007 by Total Holocaust Records & on vinyl in October 2007 by Eternity Records and Blut & Eisen Productions in limited edition of 500 copies (first 100 are pressed on red wax).

This album sees the band drop some of the more conventional black metal elements from their sound, as well as add more elements of rock music.

Track 12 contains the song "M/S Salmonella", from the band's previous album, Pulver, played in reverse.

Track listing[edit]

1."Förspel & intrång" (Instrumental)B 1:28
2."Sweet illness of mine"( )LR3:12
3."I love (to hurt) you"BB4:01
4."En man i sina sämsta år"H. & BB4:38
5."Dödens landsväg"BLR3:50
6."Välkommen till Pulvercity"BLR3:41
7."Saltvatten (du + jag vs. Tellus)"BLR3:38
8."Besatt"( )18533:35
10."Humörets bottenvåning"BLR3:11
11."Museum of past affections"BB6:21
12."Nitlott"BB & LR11:08


  • ( ) - vocals, speech, guitar
  • B - vocals, guitars, bass, piano, lyrics
  • H. - guitar
  • 1853 - additional vocals, speech, lyrics
  • LR - vocals (on track 4 & 7), lyrics