Erren River

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Erren River
Jiading Township.JPG
Map showing the mouth of Erren River
Map showing the mouth of Erren River
Erren River in Taiwan
Physical characteristics
Taiwan Strait
 - coordinates
22°54′47″N 120°10′34″E / 22.913°N 120.176°E / 22.913; 120.176Coordinates: 22°54′47″N 120°10′34″E / 22.913°N 120.176°E / 22.913; 120.176
Length61.20 km (38.03 mi)
Basin size339.20 km2 (130.97 sq mi)
 - maximum3,600 m3/s (130,000 cu ft/s)

The Erren River (Chinese: 二仁溪; pinyin: Èrrén Xī; Wade–Giles: Er4-jen2 Hsi1) is a river in Taiwan.[1] It flows through Tainan City and Kaohsiung City for 61 km.[2] The river originates from the Neimen District in Kaohsiung City and flows through seven districts before it enters Taiwan Strait. The river has suffered from pollution, although the situation has improved.[3]

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