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Errol Trzebinski (born 24 June 1936 in Gloucester), is a British writer. She lives and works in Lamu Island, Kenya.

Trzebinski is an author of books on prominent individuals in the history of colonial Kenya including Silence Will Speak:[1] A Study of the Life of Denys Finch Hatton and His Relationship With Karen Blixen (1977); The Kenya Pioneers:[2] The Frontiersmen of an Adopted Land (1985); The Lives of Beryl Markham: Out of Africa's Hidden Free Spirit and Denys Finch Hatton's Last Great Love (1993);[3] and The Life and Death of Lord Erroll:[4] The Truth Behind the Happy Valley Murder (2000).

Her book Silence Will Speak was a source for the script of the 1985 Hollywood movie Out of Africa.[1]

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Willy Alenus & Errol Trzebiski

picture featuring Willy ALENUS having tea with Errol TRZEBINSKI at the author's Shanzu-Mombasa residence on 23 February 1989. On 14 June 2004 (Flag Day) Willy ALENUS, a Belgian Retrd. County Commissioner (B.Co.) would be honored by the U.S. Congress in the capacity of Recipient of "The Flag of the United States" (Washington, D.C. Capitol Hill). W.A. is a military historian of WW II in Belgium and of WW I in German East-Africa. He publishes in pen and sword magazines in the English, Dutch and French languages.