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Monoclonal antibody
Type Trifunctional antibody
Source Rat/mouse hybrid
Target HER2/neu, CD3
Clinical data
Trade names Rexomun
CAS Number 509077-99-0 N
ATC code none
ChemSpider none
 NYesY (what is this?)  (verify)

Ertumaxomab (trade name Rexomun) is a rat-murine hybrid monoclonal antibody designed to treat some types of cancer. Phase II clinical trial evaluating the treatment of breast cancer was terminated due to change in Fresenius' development plans.[1] (So they could concentrate on their other product catumaxomab (trade name Removab).[2]:35)

It is a trifunctional antibody which works by linking T-lymphocytes and macrophages to the cancer cells.[3]