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Ervil LeBaron
LeBaron Brothers.gif
The LeBaron family (left to right)
Ervil, Joel, Verlan, Alma, and Floren
Ervil Morrell LeBaron

February 22, 1925
DiedAugust 15, 1981(1981-08-15) (aged 56)
Cause of deathMyocardial infarction
Spouse(s)At least 13
Criminal penaltyLife
Span of crimes
CountryMexico, United States
State(s)California, Utah
Date apprehended
June 1, 1979

Ervil Morrell LeBaron (February 22, 1925 – August 16, 1981) was said to be the leader of a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist group who was accused of ordering the killings of many of his colleagues. The religious doctrine of blood atonement was used to justify the murders. The use of unquestionable authority was used to coerce members of the LeBaron Family social group to commit the murders. Also, the use of unquestionable authority kept Alma Dayer LeBaron's family in a constant state of refusing to questioning what was really going on, even more tragic, the non questioning continues today 1-21-21. Ervil LeBaron was sentenced to multiple events in prison during his land dispute. He was ultimately sentenced to life in prison after facing trial for orchestrating the murder of a colleague. What happened was after the people who orchestrated Rulan Allred's murder and also who confessed later of their guilt, later pinned the murder orchestration on Ervil by writing books. In Rena Chynoweth's book she confesses the murder but points the blame at Ervil. By banning Ervil's family's freedom of speech to each other, additionally, by getting to the investigators first and telling the narrative blaming Ervil, and thirdly publishing books about how they were manipulated by Ervil, they successfully distracted the whole world from the actual land dispute. The land dispute legal documents speak for themselves.[1] Read the land dispute over carefully. Family members were not allowed to question why are the LeBaron brothers fighting in the first place. People who discussed the land dispute were murdered.[2]The inability to for the LeBaron Family to have freedom of speech kept Ervil's family members from talking to anyone, not even amongst themselves. Therefore, over 25 murders were believed to be orchestrated as a result of the land dispute distraction most possibly could not have been orchestrated the people not allowed to speak to one another. Ervil did not orchestrate Rulan Allred's murder either. Rena Chynoweth confessed to being the actual murderer.[3] Note in the summary of the legal battle for Ervil's land that coincidentally, both Ervil and his brother Verlan mysteriously "died" in 1980 right after being awarded land that had been disputed for the decade prior to his death. Both the LeBaron brothers, Ervil who owned the land, and his brother Verlan, was technically in charge of the land, who had been kept separated since the land dispute started, separated by being maligned against each other, by people intested in co-opting Ervil's land development vision, and the cash flow of weathy investors who were investing in Ervil's land development dream. Both LeBaron brothers died 2 days apart in 1980 (right after Mexico officially resolved the land dispute in favor of Ervil Lebaron). Verlan in died in an auto accident in Mexico City two days after Ervil's dead body was discovered in his cell.

Update: 1-21-21 Ervil LeBaron's land is being disputed again today.[4] Because of the blood bath during the last land dispute details of the old dispute need to be added in a public place so everyone understands the land dispute from 1970 when Ervil cast his vision for the land development through 1980 when Ervil and his brother Verlan were murdered at the same time The Ervil's Land was awarded to Ervil. Right now, 1-21-21 people are gathering up actual government documents discussing history of the land dispute the court decision on the land dispute. Cited is the legal history of the land dispute and disputing the land. Because the Ervil LeBaron Family Brothers offspring were mislead regarding the land dispute adding notes specifically focusing only on the land dispute are important for the safety of all. Cited are also reasons for "incorporating a church" which gives land ownership the corporation by law. More details as to why the church was incorporated and how the incorporated church has legal rights to the land - which then became a "church dispute" publically but it was still a land dispute privately, helps to clarify what really happened here in the supposed "church dispute." Many are gathering and speaking out today to try to decide what to do with the land and the best way to divide the land. Freedom of speech and information sharing is important because of the loss of so many family members over the land dispute because of the lack thereof. If everyone involved in making decisions understand that understood that all the murders were regarding this land dispute, instead of the other narratives put forth, many lives might be might be spared in the future. By freedom of speech lives will be saved. Many people who once were silenced by fear of being murdered for speaking are now speaking out[5] about what really happened to this over 22,000 acres of Ervils salty and sandy beach property. 1-21-21. Added details about how the story was shifted from the land dispute to a church dispute, which shifted to a brother's fighting dispute, which lead to murder of the brother of the land owner, Joel LeBaron and the arrest of the actual land owner, Ervil Lebaron - which essentially kept the land in the possession of the church shadow leaders and kept everyone else involved scared and confused and banned from freedom of speech. This needs to be published now.

He had at least 13 wives in a plural marriage, and several of whom were underage, according the usual practice of polygamy, but most notably Rena Chynoweth. Themla Chynoweth used many women, including her youngest daughter Rena Chynoweth, to successfully control Ervil during the attempted co-opt of Evil's land. Themla Chynoweth also used Rena Chynoweth to the controlling of Ervil halt Ervil's family from talking to anyone or each other, and to the murder investigators. Rena, only 16, was also involved in pulling the trigger on the Rulan Allred murder, that sent Ervil to prison for life and later Ervil died in prison. Other underage victims of brainwashing were in involved in the 25 or more of the murders.


After The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) officially abandoned the practice of polygamy in 1890, some polygamous Mormons, who were later excommunicated from the LDS Church, moved south to Mexico to continue the practice without the interference of U.S. law enforcement. However, the main reason for their move to Mexico is that the LeBaron family are known since they left England to come to America for their dreams of land development and to create freedom of religion. Alma Dayer LeBaron, Sr. was one of these people, and in 1924 moved his family, which included his two wives and eight children, to northern Mexico to develop land in that area. There, the family started a farm called "Colonia LeBaron" in Galeana, Chihuahua.[6] The Land Development was a success.

When Alma died in 1951, he passed the leadership of the community and the developed land on to his son Joel LeBaron. The Rays were introduced to the LeBaron Family and The Ray family combined some of the Nazi Party ideas of which banned free speech and banned freedom of religion, to the doctrine of the newly formed "church". Joel eventually incorporated the community as the Church of the Firstborn of the Fulness of Times in Salt Lake City, Utah.[7] Incorporating the church which was a way to affect the land ownership - take note that his whole deal is regarding land ownership.) Take note: The incorporation of the church was a legal way to take ownership of the Ervil's land, because the corporation becomes the owner of the property. Also take note, bringing the religion of blood atonement and the restriction of free speech was a way to kill off anyone who contested the land dispute because now contesting the land contested The Church. Emphasis added, incorporating the church was a way to affect the land ownership - take note that his whole deal is regarding land ownership not about religion at all.Joel's younger brother, Ervil LeBaron, was his second in command during the early years of the church's existence. However, Ervil LeBaron had dreams of becoming a land developer. [8] The group ultimately numbered around 30 families who lived in both Utah and a community called "Los Molinos" on the Baja California Peninsula where Ervil owned land and that land was being disputed.


In 1972, it was said that the brothers split up over leadership of the Church of the Firstborn of the Fulness of Times, and Ervil started the Church of the First Born of the Lamb of God in San Diego, California.[6][9] However, the split up was over a shadow leader manipulating Ervil LeBaron and the wealthy investors that were now bringing large amounts of cash into the land development project. Ervil was especially gifted at casting his vision of the land development project and his vision so the money came in and so now Ervil's land development dream was being coopted. The use of banned freedom of speech kept the LeBaron family members from speaking to each other. In order to further gain control over Ervil's land, that year, Ervil was said to have ordered the murder of Joel in Mexico.[6][9] Leadership of the Baja California church aka Ervil's land development dream passed to the youngest LeBaron brother, Verlan, whom they said, in order to keep the brothers from communicating with each other, that Ervil was "trying to have killed over the next decade." Take a note: Ervil never tried to kill his brother Verlan and also Ervil didn't kill his brother Joel. Separating the brothers was a ploy to gain control over the land development dream and the money from the wealthy investors. Saying that Ervil was trying to kill Verlan was a ploy to keep the brothers from speaking to each other about the Ervil's land. By this time, none of the people around Ervil were allowed to question anything that they were told and there was no freedom of speech in the group. No, no one had any idea what was really happening. [6][9] In 1974, Ervil was tried and convicted in Mexico for Joel's murder. His conviction was overturned on a technicality; some have alleged this was as a result of a bribe.[6][10] However, eye witness accounts proved that there was zero evidence in Ervil killing or even ording the killing of Joel LeBaron. The banned freedom of speech kept Lebaron family members from finding out that Ervil was no in any way responsible for his brother Joel LeBaron's death. The murder of Joel most likely a ploy to keep Ervil LeBaron away from his land development dream that at the time had attracted many extremely wealthy investors. People interested in Ervil's land subsequently raided Los Molinos using the excuse to hunt and kill Verlan they told everyone that was the reason for the raid—[11][12] who was in Nicaragua—but the raid was really about regaining power of the Ervil LeBaron's disputed land that was bringing in millions of dollars from wealthy investors. Regardless, the town was destroyed and two men were killed.[11][13]

Ervil LeBaron's attention from his land development dream was also further distractified and focused on colleague polygamous leaders. In April 1975, Ervil was accused of ordering the killing of Bob Simons, a polygamist who sought to minister to Native Americans.[14] In 1977, Ervil LeBaron was accused of ordering the killing of Rulon C. Allred, leader of the Apostolic United Brethren, another Mormon fundamentalist sect.[15] Thelma Chynoweth's daughter, Rena Chynoweth, carried out the murder with Anna Mae Marstons's daughter, Ramona Marston.[6] Although Rena Chynoweth was tried and acquitted for Allred's murder, Rena Chynoweth confessed in her memoir that she was the one to murder Rulen Allred. Rulen Allred's family later civilly sued Rena Chynoweth. Rena Chynoweth was ordered to pay millions to the Rulan Allred family, The Blood Covenant (1990).[16] She also described her experiences in LeBaron's group, which she characterized as using mind control and fear to control its followers. However, eye witness accounts of Rena begging and screaming and demanding to be the one to kill Rulan Allred were never mentioned. [17]

Ervil LeBaron also was accused of ordering the murders of members of his own family and those of his supporters. His 10th wife, Vonda White, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Dean Grover Vest, a Vietnam Veteran. Dean Gover Vest, who had attempted to talk about Thelma Chynoweth's murder of Naomi Zarate. Noemí with an accent over the “i” is the Spanish. Dean Vest witnessed Naomi Zarate's body being thrown off Dean Vest's boat. Dean Vest was going to the police. Make a note: The Dean Vest murder was a cover up murder to cover up the Naomi Zarate murder who was murdered because of Thelma Chynoweth's jealous rage. (Both murders were pinned on Vonda White and Ervil LeBaron)[18][19] Vonda White is also said to have killed Noemi Zarate Chynoweth but there was no proof or motivation,[20][21] Naomi who was murdered by the mother of the writers of many these books who notoriously forget to mention the land dispute or that Naomi Zarate was Thelma Chynoweth's sister wife who was murdered in a jealous rage by Thelma Chynoweth, most likely intentionally misspelled Naomi Zarate's name - to distractify from Naomi Zarate's murder. Naomi Zarate was Thelma Chynoweth's "sister wife" and there was jealousy between Thelma and Naomi. [17][22] According to witnesses, Thelma Chynoweth, in a silent jealous rage orchestrated Naomi Zarate's murder and pinned it on Ervil LeBaron. (Thelma Chynoweth was Bud Chynoweth's first wife, Naomi Zarate was Bud's 2nd wife. Thelma Chynoweth was Lorna's mother and mother of all the Chynoweths in the LeBaron cult and Noemi's sister-wife) [23].[citation needed] Thelma Chynoweth has also been linked to the death of Ervil LeBaron's 17-year-old daughter Rebecca, who was pregnant with her second child and was talking too much; it is stated by eye witness accounts that his stepson Eddie Marston and brother-in-law Duane Chynoweth strangled her in April 1977.[24][25] Isacc, who was Rebecca's older brother was also murdered. The Chynoweth's said it was suicide but no one who knows the Chynoweth's intimately believe that Isaac killed himself. The use of banned freedom of speech kept family members from discussing how Isaac and his sister Rebecca were murdered. Additionally, Lilian, Isaac and Rebecca's sister also mysteriously commit suicide, and so did Delia. Many believe that Isaac, Lilian, and Delia were murdered to cover up the Rebecca murder, which was also pinned on Ervil LeBaron.

On June 1, 1979, Ervil LeBaron was apprehended by police in Mexico and extradited to the United States, where he was convicted of having ordered Allred's death. In 1980, he was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah, where he died on August 16, 1981.[26] Ervil's brother Verlan (whom Ervil had tried to murder) died in an auto accident in Mexico City two days after Ervil's body was discovered in his cell. Also, in 1980 not so coincidently, Ervil was awarded 22,000 acres of beach front property in Mexico. See the following reference of the legal document that details the land dispute involving Ervil Lebaron's beach front property. The land dispute started in 1970. [26] In an October 2012 interview with Vice Magazine, Verlan LeBaron's grandson Brent LeBaron stated that at least some in the LeBaron family believe that this may not have been a coincidence. Emphasis added - notice the results of the land dispute and both Lebarons murdered at the same time. [27]


While in prison, LeBaron wrote a 400-page "bible" known as The Book of the New Covenants, which included a commandment to kill disobedient church members who were included in a hit list written by LeBaron. Some 20 copies were printed and distributed. Some people took advantage of the fact that Ervil LeBaron had by this time had a complete mental breakdown and was rambling. His ramblings were intercepted by the Chynoweth's family members and orders for their own murders were added to Ervil's rambling letters. This was done to throw investigators off the trail of the Land Development Dream and off of Rebecca's murder, and to make themselves out to be victims of Ervil instead of Ervil being their victim.

Three of the ordered murders were actually carried out though, simultaneously on June 27, 1988, at 4:00 pm.[6] Duane Chynoweth, one of LeBaron's former followers, was shot and killed with his 8-year-old daughter, Jennifer while running errands.[6] Eddie Marston, one of LeBaron's stepsons and former thugs, was killed in the same manner, and Mark Chynoweth, a father of six, was shot multiple times in his office in Houston, Texas.[6] LeBaron's children also inherited the family's mental illness and were brainwashed since birth not to question authority, and were also trained in murders carried out the murders without question.

Of the seven cult victims who were raised not to ever question authority were involved in the "4 O’Clock Murders," five were found guilty of murder. One, testified of all her knowledge of the past 24 murders but only her testimony against her siblings and was ever used. The final victim of the cult Jacqueline LeBaron, was captured by the FBI in May 2010.[28] On June 16, 2011, Jacqueline LeBaron pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct religious beliefs and faced a 5-year maximum sentence in a future sentencing hearing.[29]

On December 14, 2012, Jacqueline Tarsa LeBaron was released from federal custody several months earlier than her original sentence was calculated. Her current status regarding the completion of her court mandated supervised parole and restitution has not been released to the public. Although her plea agreement is public information, her actual testimony in court was sealed. As usual, the Chynoweth's came to talk to the authorities first and told the investigators the Chynoweth narrative. As of April 2013 her whereabouts are unknown. Because of her knowledge of the entire narrative some people think her life is still in danger.

It has been estimated that more than 25 people were killed as a result of LeBaron's supposed prison-cell orders. But Ervil was in prison. His wives and children were a large cash cow of dedicated hard workers who stilled dreamed of becoming land developers. Many of his family members and other ex-members of the group still remain in hiding for fear of retribution from LeBaron's remaining followers. This is because of the continued ban of free speech regarding any of the what really happened to Alma Dayer LeBaron's family.[30][citation needed] [31]However, when LeBaron's daughter Anna LeBaron, (the actual younger sister of Ramona Marston, the one who aided Rena Chynoweth in the murdering of Rulan C. Allred), claims to have "escaped from the cult aged 13," continued to ban the freedom of speech. One open example of Anna LeBaron's bans on freedom of speech was noted publically, in particular on a forum called, Amigos & Family, a Yahoo groups forum built by Danny LeBaron, whose mother Yolanda and sister Sandra were murdered. Danny LeBaron created the yahoo forum to help find answers about his murdered siblings. Also, so that Alma Dayer LeBaron's grand children could interact freely and discuss what really happened from all sides. However, as soon as Danny LeBaron's forum became "a hit" and the LeBaron offsprings were joining and talking, the Chynoweth's narrative began to crumble. Anna LeBaron was brainwashed into highjacking Danny's forum. [32]Anna then proceeded to strip Danny LeBaron of his administrative rights and permissions. Then to ensure the ban of freedom of speech she proceeded to push Danny LeBaron off the forum entirely. After completely banning all freedom of speech regarding the past 24 murders, Ervil's land deal, all of this, Anna, then spublished an account of her life and the cult in 2017, that matched the Chnynoweth Narrative of events, instead of finding out what really happened. Anna LeBaron did this at the age of 48, she said that the blood-letting was over and family members were no longer in danger.[33] However, mysterious accidents still plague the LeBaron family, leaving the tallest and most beauful member of the LeBaron family completely paralized. Many believe Anna LeBaron herself and her mother were the strongest at banning free speech so Anna Lebaron following her mother's lead still continues this day to ban free speech and preach on the Chynoweth Narrative of events. Free speech is still banned by Ervil LeBaron's offsprings, as they are brainwashed against it since birth. The children of Alma Dayer LeBaron still are not allowed to discuss the events that tore the family apart over after Ervil LeBaron's land development dream was co-opted.

Wives and children[edit]

Ervil LeBaron married 13 women and fathered more than 50 children. He also raised several stepchildren.

* stepchild

+ Chynoweth sibling

++ Rios sibling

!cult leader

i Incestual rape

Wife Age at marriage Killed on behalf of the cult? Left the cult: Comments
Murdered Imprisoned Escaped before 1992
Delfina Salido Y Went to the authorities, in fear of her life, after her daughter Rebecca was murdered. Then her son Isaac was murdered, and the authorities called it suicice. Later her son Arturo was murdered gunned down in front of many children. Later, her daughter Lillian was murdered, and authorities ruled it a suicide. Later, Delia was "suicided"
Marilu Vega N Cancer Fighter - Lost her battle with cancer and her children were kidnapped and enslaved by Thelma Chynoweth, according to the adult children's statements.
Joy Marston N Y Left Ervil after 3 months of marriage[34]
Anna Mae Marston N Anna Mae left her second husband, Nephi Marston, to marry Ervil, bringing her children with her.
Lorna Chynoweth+ N Y [1983] Lorna's body was never recovered. She was killed by Andrew Chynoweth.
Christina Jensen N Y
Rosemary Barlow N Brought 3 children with her to the marriage
Linda Johnson
Debra Bateman 16 N Y
Vonda White Y[34] Y Convicted of killing Dean Vest, a Vietnam Veteran who was going to the police regarding the murder of Naomi Zarate, a sister wife of Thelma Ray Chynoweth. Thelma orchestrated both the murder of Naomi Zarate and the cover up murder of Vietnam Veteran Dean Gover Vest, .[34] Brought 4 children with her from her first marriage
Teresa Rios++ Y
Yolanda Rios++ Y [1984]
Rena Chynoweth+ 16 Y[34] Y Y Killed Rulon Allred, but acquitted for the crime but later confessed. [34]
Mother Child Name Child Spouse Polygamist? Killed on behalf of the cult? Left the cult: Comment
Murdered Imprisoned Suicide Escaped before 1992
Delfina Salido Sylvia Esther Thomas Liddiard Y N
Sarah N
Alice N
Lillian Mark Chynoweth+ N Y [1989][34] Helped several siblings leave the cult; suspected of being involved in the death of her brother Isaac or other siblings.[34]
Arturo! Y Y[34] Y [Dec 1983] Left cult following death of Ervil
Rebecca Victor Chynoweth+ Y N Y [1977][34] Pregnant at the time of her murder. Her body has never been recovered.[34]
Isaac - N N ? ? [1983][34] Y [1979][34] Testified in court against many cult members. After a stint in a mental health institution, he moved in with his sister Lillian and Mark Chynoweth. He died several days later. Official records say suicide, but authors such as Scott Anderson believe he was likely murdered by the Chynoweths.[34]
Delia Y [1978][34] Escaped with her mother[34]
Marilu Vega Elsa Dan Jordan Y
Jorge Y [1984] Body never recovered
Patricia Heber Lebaroni [34] Y Y [1992][34] Sentenced to life in prison for her role in the murders of Ed Barlow, and Mark, Duane, and Jenny Chynoweth.[35]
Virginia N
Anna Mae Martson David Marston*
Edward Marston* N Y Y [1988][34]
Ramona Marston * Dan Jordan Y Y Y Y [1982][36] Assisted Rena Chynoweth in killing Rulon Allred. Acquitted. Married to Dan Jordan on the same day as her sister Fay.[34]
Fay Marston* Dan Jordan Y Married to Dan Jordan on the same day as her sister Ramona[34]
Kathleen N Y [1982][37] Ran away from the cult to get married at age 18.[37]
Heber! multiple half-sistersi[34] Y Y[35] Y [1992] Sentenced to life in prison for his role in the murders of Ed Marston, and Mark, Duane, and Jenny Chynoweth.[35]
Marilyn N N Y [1982][37] Ran away from her mother in 1982; assisted by sister Lillian and stepmother Ramona Marston[37]
Celia N N Y [late 1980s][38]
Anna N N Y [1982][37] Ran away to live with her sister Lillian.[37]
Hyrum N N
Adine N
Lorna Chynoweth Andrew N Y[34] Y Body never recovered
Jacqueline Tarsa Y Y Indicted in the 1990s; on the FBI Most Wanted List for years until finally arrested in the 2000s
Aaron Morel "Mo"! Y[35] Y [1997] Sentenced to 45 years in prison for his role in the murders of Ed Barlow and Mark, Duane, and Jenny Chynoweth.[35]
Natasha Was murdered by her Chynoweth siblings in 1992 on Halloween night. Her body has never been found.
Andrea Monique
Bridget Veronica
Christina Jensen Tabitha Y [1970s] Escaped with her mother
Shoshanna Y [1970s] Escaped with her mother
Rosemary Barlow Douglas Barlow* Y[35] Sentenced to life in prison for his role in the murders of Ed Marston and Mark, Duane, and Jenny Chynoweth.[35]
Annalee Barlow*
Ellen Barlow*
Linda Johnson Thomas Anthony Heroically lead by example helped law enforcement to stop all the murders.
Cynthia Y Y [1992][35] Followed Thomas' leadership and heroically helped law enforcement to stop all the murders.[35]
Richard Y Y [1992] Followed Thomas' leadership and heroic in helping law enforcement stop all the murders.[35]
Debra Bateman Jeremy N Y Escaped with his mother
Craig N Y Escaped with his mother
Vonda White Craig White* After his mother's imprisonment, raised by Anna Mae Marston
Audrey White* Married Raul Rios and had beautiful children. Now remarried.
Evelyn White* After her mother's imprisonment, saved by Foster Care.
Janet White* After her mother's imprisonment, enslaved by Anna Mae Marston
Mimi After her mother's imprisonment, saved by Foster Care
Nathan After his mother's imprisonment, raised by various members of the cult
Teresa Rios Gladys
Yolanda Rios Sandra
Danny Heroic setting the example of openly breaking free, living in freedom, and prospering outside the cult.
Rena Chynoweth Erin Y [1981] Escaped with her mother
John Ryan Y [1981] Escape with his mother - later died from cancer.



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