Erwin Hinckley Barbour

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Erwin H. Barbour
Erwin Hinckly Barbour 1856-1947.jpg
BornApril 5, 1856
DiedMay 10, 1947 (1947-05-11) (aged 91)
Scientific career
InstitutionsUnited States Geological Survey
University of Nebraska

Erwin Hinckley Barbour (April 5, 1856 – May 10, 1947) was an American geologist and paleontologist.

He was born near Oxford, Ohio, and was educated at Miami University and at Yale, where he graduated in 1882. He was assistant paleontologist to the United States Geological Survey under Othniel Charles Marsh from 1882 to 1888. He then taught at the University of Iowa for two years, before being hiered by the University of Nebraska in 1891 as head of the Department of Geology.

Upon his arrival in at the University of Nebraska, he worked vigorously to equip his department and to start populating the University museum. Within a year, he was appointed Curator of the University of Nebraska State Museum. He remained the director until 1941.[1] Also in 1891, he was appointed by Governor Thayer as Acting State Geologist, a position he also retained for many years.

Barbour gave his time free for the next 25 summers to manage field parties throughout the state, surveying the geological and paleontological resources of the State of Nebraska.[2] These trips were known as the Morrill Geological Expeditions, as they were funded by private donations from Charles Henry Morrill, regent of the University.[3] Their reports were published in the volumes of the Nebraska Geological Survey, as well as the Report of the State Geologist. The specimens that were found were added to the collections of the University museum.


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