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Original Erwin Lambeth Label
'Swirl' lamp by Erwin Lambeth
Sculptural Table Lamp by Erwin Lambeth
mid century 1970's lounge chairs
Tufted Chrome framed lounge chairs by Erwin Lambeth

Erwin-Lambeth was a furniture company based in Thomasville, North Carolina, USA.[1][2][3][4] It was a family run business which had its origins dating back as far as 1901. Originally the Lambeth family started the Standard Chair Company. By 1947 following the death of James Erwin Lambeth Snr, James Erwin Lambeth Jnr and his wife Katherine 'KC' Lambeth founded Erwin Lambeth. They built a new plant with the aim to create furniture specifically for the design trade.

Unusually for the times, Katharine had a pivotal role in the development of the company. She was a Designer herself and the first President of the company. She endeavored to operate her company from a woman’s point of view. She infused a strong sense of loyalty amongst her employees and made herself accessible and approachable.

The company produced high-end mid century furniture and accessories such as Table lamps right up until it was merged with Tomlinson's in the late 1980's. Quite often their pieces are mistaken for designs by the likes of Milo Baughman, Pierre Cardin and Selig. Today, many designs by Erwin Lambeth are very sought much sought after by lovers of mid century design.

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