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Eryck Abecassis is a composer, musician and an electric guitar player. He composes and plays a wide range of music including orchestral to chamber music, electronic, theater, street theater, and cinema.

He moved to Paris in 1976 to study Cinema, and also worked as a photographer. In 1979 he decided to concentrate on music.

He started doing workshops on instrumental research at the IRCAM (Institute for music/acoustic research and coordination) in Paris. (where he also did a Computer Music Course)

He has been commissioned to compose music for Radio-France, Gmem, Ina-Grm, Grame, French government. His music has been played in International music festivals of "Présences", "Les musiques-Marseille", "Musiques en scène-Lyon","Amplitude- festival Denmark","Computer art festival - Padova " and some others.

As an electronic musician he travels in many countries like Spain, Brasil, Germany, Austria, England, Sweden, South Korea, Italy... Digging his style now at the edges of contemporary and electronic "noise music", with a large use of the computer, both in writing process and like a musical instrument.

He has composed music scores for film and documentaries, like Hava Aney Dey directed by Partho Sen-Gupta.



  • Saved (incidental music, play by Edward Bond), 1984
  • Les carnets de Junko, 5 comedians, cello, marimba, 1989
  • Rois de cœur (dance music, choreography by Dominique Petit), 1991
  • Bâtisseurs (incidental music), soprano, tenor, 1992
  • récif (street theatre show), 1998;
  • Cosmogonia (spectacle), 1998;
  • La cage (pocket opera, libretto by Christophe Tarkos), mezzo-soprano, comedian, any 6 players, 1999 (collaboration with Thierry Aué);
  • Passages (spectacle), 2002;
  • Tempête (street theatre show), 2003;
  • Le monde à l'envers (street theatre show), 2005


  • Kammerzirkus, small orchestra (17 players), 1996


  • Mondes dérangés, 8-track tape, 2003


  • Poupées-fantômes, piano, percussion, computer, film, 2004


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