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Temporal range: Early Carboniferous - Early Cretaceous, 330–120 Ma
Possible descendant taxon Lissamphibia survives to present.
Eryops - National Museum of Natural History - IMG 1974.JPG
Skeleton cast of Eryops megacephalus
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Temnospondyli
Clade: Rhachitomi
Clade: Eryopiformes
Schoch, 2013

Eryopiformes is a group of rhachitomi temnospondyl amphibians. Eryopiformes was named by the German paleontologist Rainer R. Schoch in 2013. He defined it as a node-based taxon to include Eryopidae and Stereospondylomorpha. Unlike previous analyses, a phylogenetic analysis he performed found no support for a monophyletic Euskelia, that is defined to include Dissorophoidea and Eryopidae (and also usually includes Zatracheidae), in relation to Stereospondylomorpha. In this analysis, Eryopidae and Stereospondylomorpha usually formed a monophyletic clade that excludes the clade formed by Zatracheidae and Dissorophoidea. Thus, he named this newly identified group as Eryopiformes.[1]


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